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The Hunger Games is my life right now. It is really the only thing I have been talking about lately. What I post will be everything Hunger Games related that I think is extremely funny, clever, agree with, or absolutely 110% ADORE! Feel free to ask questions, talk to me about the series, or anything you want. Enjoy, and may the odds be EVER in your favor. :)

I also have been reading the Divergent books so if I have a few Divergent things that I post that is why.

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Fulvia Cardew (Plutarch Heavensbee’s Assistant)

Not much Fandom has gone into trying to figure out who would be the perfect Fulvia. I personally think that she should be Halle Berry. I’m not 100% sure why, but I think that she would be perfect!¬†


If you do not agree, please respond with a counter response. I would love to hear your opinion. 

Who do you think should play Fulvia Cardew?

  1. spring-morning answered: I havent put much thought into it except for a few minutes but Halle Berry could potentially prove to be a good Fulvia!
  2. it-begins-at-midnight answered: Perosnally, i’ve alwasy considered Fulvia to be a bit like Eve Mylea and Louise Brealey. I don’t know why.
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